Customer service solutions

Every visitor of yours gets the fastest and best customer assistance possible.
Dedicated Multilingual Experts
AI-Assisted Tools.
Chatbot Technologies.
How to get started
Book a consultation
Tell us your customer service and language needs so we can help you scale your business.
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Build the foundation
We study your business, chat transcripts, past tickets and brand voice to build the knowledge base to train your team.
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Integrate with your business
We set up the technology needed and work alongside your colleagues as team players.
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Gather customer intelligence
We analyze the collected data to create weekly reports that we review with you on our weekly call.
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Deliver the best customer service
We improve using the reports created to deliver the best customer service possible.
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Every customer service solution includes
Live Chat. Get a dedicated team of live chat agents that know your business domain well to engage with your customers and resolve their inquiries.
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Email. With a customer service team available 24/7, we resolve your tickets quickly and with great customer satisfaction ratings.
Social Media. Expand your influence on social media by having a dedicated team of customer service representatives engaging with your communities.
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Every customer service solution includes
Customer Success Manager
The Customer Success Manager is your point-of-contact that works.
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Team Coach
The Team Coach trains your customer service representatives.
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Implementing live chat is just a click away.